5G NFVI Network Solution – The Future of the Telecommunication Industry


5G NFVI technology

5G services were started in the United States and South Korea from April 2019. In Japan, 5G pre-service were finally started in the fall of 2019, and 5G commercial service will finally start in the spring of 2020. Intel has contributed to standardization such as NFVI & NFVI (Virtualization of Network Functions, Virtualization of Network Functions Infrastructure) as well as technological innovation of processors in order to realize the network transformation that supports 5G. 

“We also carry out various commercial verifications with telecommunications carriers and vendors in each country. 5G is a game-changing technology. Creating new services is of great significance to 5G,” said Ragesh Gadiya, vice president and CTO of Intel Corporation Network Platforms Group. What is the potential of Japan’s 5G from the perspective of Intel, which is leading the 5G era? Challenges with a sense of speed expand business opportunities. 5G would be entire new experience for users. It is also controversial. 

“5G (5th Generation Mobile Communication System) is a technology that will bring a paradigm shift to business and bring about game changes,” said Ragesh Gadiya, vice president and CTO of Intel Corporation Network Platforms Group.

The cloud stage and orchestrator empower programmed administration planning and arrangement and the SDN regulator permits programmed network design.

Highlights and Values of 5G NFVI Network Solution:


1. Automatic Deployment of Networks and Services

2. All-round Carrier-Class Features

  • The switch passage upholds a great many courses and a huge number of BFD, meeting the correspondence prerequisites of telecom NEs
  • The SDN door is sent in the double dynamic mode, and the NE form is updated without administration mindfulness, fulfilling the requests of high-progression 5G administrations
  •  Physical disconnection of organizations and staggered security protection guarantee security necessities for 5G administrations
  •  Open Network Architecture
  •  Completely uphold IPv6 and effectively handle 5G administrations and IoT applications
  •  Empower crossover systems administration of uncovered metals, virtualized workers, and holders, improving organization adaptability
  • Allow decoupling and coordinate the encounters of multi-merchant cloud stages and firewalls to fabricate open organizations
  • Physical disconnection of organizations and staggered security protection guarantee security necessities for 5G administrations

So, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has been selected by XL Axiata as a partner to deploy 5G-enabled cloud core technology solutions in eastern Indonesia. The agreement incorporates Ericsson Cloud Packet Core and Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure ( NFVI ) arrangements.

As indicated by the June 2019 Ericsson Mobility Report, Indonesia’s 5G gadgets are extended to see a 10-overlay increment in normal information utilization per cell phone. Ericsson’s answer enables XL Axiata to plan for expanded information traffic, rearrange tasks and secure 5G income. Ericsson Cloud Packet Core, which includes applications such as Evolved Packet Gateway , enables a distributed core network architecture and improves network performance for 5G.

Combined with NFVI, the new core network provides XL Axiata with an open and flexible solution that enables the introduction of new technologies with built-in customization and entirely new innovations. This allows us to quickly introduce new services and provide a fulfilling customer experience while maintaining full service.

By putting resources into cutting edge cloud parcel center arrangements, we remain at the front line of innovation and remain in innovation. We can satisfy the developing needs of our keen clients. Ericsson is one of XL Asiata’s key organization accomplices and we are sure that this arrangement will additionally improve the nature of our organization.

Ericsson Indonesia National Team Jerry Soper said: “Ericsson has been a market leader in virtualized EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and NFVI for the past few years. Our software application maturity, stable operational performance, and outstanding supply in Indonesia are Ericsson’s solutions. It was fundamental to winning XL Asiata’s trust in. This arrangement shows Ericsson’s proceeded with initiative in bundle centers and Ericsson’s duty to work with XL Asiata in anticipation of 5G administrations”.

Ericsson’s cloud packet core is based on virtual EPC applications. Ericsson is committed to helping our customers make the smooth transition from EPC to dual-mode 5G cloud core operations, 5G EPC and 5GC for flexibility, faster time to market and more efficient operations. Communication operators NFVI solutions of Ericsson by, while reducing the total cost of ownership, you can rapidly deploy virtual communication business, OSS, BSS, IT, media applications. Ericsson offers a proven, integrated solution with edge computing and container management capabilities to get your cloud-based applications up and running quickly and with low risk.

About Ericsson:

Ericsson helps telecommunications service providers create maximum value from connectivity. With a portfolio of networks, digital services, managed services and new businesses, we help our customers digitize, improve efficiency and discover new revenue streams. Ericsson’s interest in development has brought the advantages of phone and versatile broadband to billions of individuals around the globe. Ericsson is recorded on Nasdaq in Stockholm and New York. 

About PT XL Axiata Tbk

The Group’s versatile auxiliaries and offshoots work under the brand names Celcom in Mala XL Axiata is centered around offering advanced types of assistance to Indonesian individuals and advancing the improvement of Indonesia’s computerized economy. Established on October 8, 1996, XL Axiata has utilized its broad, excellent public organization to give an assortment of advanced administrations to both shopper and corporate clients. XL Axiata started turning out 4G LTE networks in December 2014, and in July 2015 dispatched cross country business administrations for 4G LTE administrations. XL Axiata is a member of the Axiata Group. 

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