6 Most Popular Data Recovery Software in 2020

data recovery

There are many data recovery apps available but some of them are very renowned in the market, others not. This article will enlighten the tope data recovery tools of 2019. To help you recover your deleted data, we have formed this list of top data recovery software. Each software has its own exclusive features with different compatibilities and performance.

The Top Data Recovery Software:

1. Disk Drill

data recovery

Disk Drill is an indisputable front-runner among data recovery software, you can recover up to 500MB of data with help of this software. This software is developed by CleverFiles, the app can be used to scan internal and external storage devices natively powered by FAT and NTFS file systems, and in fact, any other file system you may think of: HFS+, EXT4, FAT16, etc. 

2. Recuva

data recovery

This software is developed by Piriform. This software has the ability to recover lastingly deleted files although these files have been noticeable as free space by the functioning system. This data recovery software can be applicable on MP3 player, USB flash drives, memory cards, hard drives and also other storage devices that are supported by NTFS and FTS file systems. This app has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. 

Moreover, Recuva is accessible in both installable and portable form. The functionality of this data recovery software can be boosted by buying a commercial license.

Prosoft Data Rescue 5 for Windows:

This recovery application offers rigid competition to its generations, securing its position in the top 5 apps. Ease is one of the strengths of Data Rescue 5 for Windows. The interface is clean and easy to work with. Again, it performs recovery for just about any file types across all Windows versions on all kinds of internal and external storage devices. This data recovery software also offers a byte-by-byte copy of the disk at the early stage of of a mechanical failure. This software confidently supports windows 7 and later.

3. Testdisk

data recovery

This radical software used to be the standard for data recovery software with its level of functionality and influential recovery characteristics. It was formerly intended as an application that recovers lost panels and fixes disks that were not booting. This made it questionably the best hard drive data recovery software in the market at a point.

One of the disadvantages is the fact that it’s a command line tool, which makes it inappropriate for users who are used to an easy user interface. This software enables to rebuild of the boost sector and also works on all major windows versions. Testdisk helps us to recover all popular file like document, picture, video and sound file types.

4. MiniTool Partition Recovery

data recovery

MiniTool Partition Recovery is the of the software that recovers not only a partial deleted file, but it can also rescue an entire position. This software is user friendly and its core focus is on its partition level recovery approach and this thing proves very beneficial for the less experienced users. 

Its functioning flow can be done in 3 easy steps:

• First, you have to select the target disk and set the scanning range based on the data issue.

• Second, you need click “scan”.

• Third, you preview the files you want to recover and place the retrieved files on another drive for storage and later use. 
Discovering partition content in advance is also possible. This purpose offers to users the capability to recognize the partition they want to recover without the need for a full scan.

This software formally supporting Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7, MiniTool can also run on older versions of Windows such as XP and Vista.

5. Steller Data Recovery

data recovery

The name of this data recovery software directs, Steller developed this data recovery software when it comes to recovering data from Windows terminals and well-matched devices.

Through Steller Data Recovery software, we can recover data from a wide range of devices like smartphones, memory cards, hard disks, and USB drives. This data recovery software can be download easily and users can easily use this software because it is user friendly. This software has the option of beneficial features that allow quick recovery of lost files, documents, videos etc.

6. Undelete 360

data recovery

This data recovery software looks like a distinctive Microsoft Office application because it has a ribbon-style toolbar and blue color theme. Undelete 360 is erected on a fast algorithm that permits the users to undelete files.

Undelete 360 works on various devices such as memory cards, digital cameras, smartphones, USB drives and computer hard drives etc. The plus point of this software it includes a data-wiping tool.

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