How to Earn Money Online From Converting Videos to Text – 2021


If you looking for a new part time job or a freelancing job to earn money online but if you cannot figure out what to do, then this will be a good idea for you to to try. Its converting videos to text format. The best part is you don’t need to do anything but conversion will be done by a tool for free…

earn money online

So if you want to do this as a freelancing job, first you should register on Fiverr which is the largest marketplace for freelancing services. There are many people who looking for sellers who could convert their videos to audio. Payments will starts from 5$ and you can value your work based on the requirement.

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After you register on any Fiverr or any freelancing platform you can post you can start to facilitate Video to Test converting service to anyone from around the world.

How can you convert Videos to Text and earn money online?

There is an easy way for that. Vocalmatic is a cool website that can convert your videos to text very easily. You just want to upload your vide and submit. Then Vocalmatic will do the rest for you.

Click Here and Sign Up on Vocalmatic

Not only converting Video to text Vocalmatic facilitate you to generate subtitles for your videos as well. So that will be another freelancing opportunity for you.

For each registration, Vocalmatic provides 30 min of Video to Text converting/subtitle generating time for free and it will be more than enough for you to start your work. If you need more time you could purchase with your freelancing revenue.

Another important thing is Vocalmatic provides unlimited Video to text conversion facility for students only for 29$. Since you are generating revenue with this will be more than faire enough for you.

Please share your comments with us. We will always willing to bring you the new ways of earn money online.


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