What is eSIM technology? Key Important Facts You Should Know 2020


eSIM stands for Embedded SIM. It’s an institutionalized SIM chip open to different versatile administrators all around. 
Which means, in the event that you have an eSIM you don’t need to replace one SIM card with another when switching bearer (transporters are phone organizations that give cell administration). Since the eSIM can be modified remotely, it enables you to pick another transporter by simply informing the old and new supplier. With such an installed standard, the thought is that you can change to another administrator without embeddings a particular SIM card. It’s everything done through programming.

eSIMs are presently progressively regular in IoT gadgets, tablets and vehicles however it won’t discover acknowledgment in cell phones soon, as it’s exorbitant, complex and will presumably incorporate some underlying developing agonies. 

The new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max support the generally new eSIM innovation that additionally shows up in late iPad, Apple watch and Google Pixel 2 discharges. The thought behind the iPhone XS and XS Max, eSIM is to empower the main double SIM iPhone. As opposed to including an additional space for an extra nano-SIM. You’ll have the option to buy in to a system utilizing your telephone.


Advantages of eSIM:

Here we are listing some of the core advantages of eSIM technology:


There are many advantages to the new eSIM and one of them is users are able to easily switch to their preferred operators without changing a physical sim card. Plus, it also helps remove the hassle of swapping sim cards, services, or even carry more than one phone to stay connected for international travelers. Instead of having to go find a local sim store when you are overseas, everything can just be done on your smartphone settings and -poof– coverage when you are overseas. Each operator will put restrictions on how often or quickly one can switch. All it takes is to get the balance right.

More Space

These devices technically will not need a sim tray, it will save more space for storage, a better design for the smartphones, better capacity for water resistance and others. It will be an advantage for hardware manufacturers to design a more gadgety smart device in the future.


The savings in roaming services will be another advantage, as when traveling abroad will receive online offers local operators in the visited country and can instantly join these rates to browse and call cheaper. Operators will probably accommodate services and offers for travelers.


The new e-SIM also allows us to have more than two phone numbers associated with our smart device. Users can also use one phone number on different smart devices. This means that users can keep business numbers and personal numbers separate by keeping two numbers on the same SIM and potentially turn off one number outside business hours or choose to ignore that call. No clients getting your private number…very handy.

Reduces Risk

And finally, the eSIM eliminates the risk of a damaged or lost SIM card. Also in the case of phone theft, the eSIM cannot be taken out but there is a high chance of tracking your phone and getting your eSIM data back.

Disadvantages of eSIM:


While the eSIM will have more benefits, it will still have its limitations. Firstly, we have to carefully consider its disadvantages. Even though eSIM offers security and the ability to be reprogrammed, there is a concern of hacking into the cloud hosting the eSIM and in addition, it cannot be physically removed from the device.

Transfer of credentials into a different device

Another concern will be the need to transfer our eSIM from a smartphone to another if the first one breaks. So, what happens when your smartphones get damaged and it refuses to turn on at all? Or you are the type that changes your smartphones frequently? With the previous physical SIM card, we can do that simply by removing the sim card from the sim tray. The eSIM will probably have to go through a long process just to get the eSIM working again on your new device. Though this issue may be more simplified overtime in the future with the aid of the mobile operators.


In addition, it remains to be seen how quickly this implementation will be to operators for this new technology. It could happen to hit the market on some smartphones with eSIM that cannot be used with some operators as some may that have not yet implemented this standard.

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