12 Fiverr Secret Tips to Increase Revenue


If we know how to earn money through Fiverr and work hard then we can make a lot of money. With the help of Fiverr, we can provide our services to anywhere in the world just by putting our skills and abilities in the right direction and get paid. In this article we will discuss important tips to increase fiverr revenue in long run.

Fiverr is an online market that offers a large variety of facilities, offers, tasks, and mini-jobs as well. There is a job for almost every kind of skill and ability. Fiverr has an option of 200+ different types on the site and below are some tips to get more gigs are increase your revenue.

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1. Have an Attractive Profile

If we have a comprehensive and expressive profile, then we can easily go a long way because the profile is the first thing a buyer sees so always keep in mind that the first impression is the last. 

To make our profile more attractive we must upload a video about our self because in this way we can show then our enthusiasm and struggle as well. According to a report of Fiverr by uploading a video, we can boost our orders by 200%.

2. Use the Fiverr Mobile App:

Fiverr also facilitates us with its Fiverr App and it also proves very helpful for us because sometimes we are on the road, we don’t have access to our laptop so we can use Fiverr app easily and overcome this difficulty. We can increase our success score on Fiverr and rankings because this is the key to stay on top of our buyers.

3. Upsell, Upsell and Upsell to Increase Fiverr Revenue:

Even if we are listing a gig for just $5, the potential to make more on that one transaction is high. By upselling different services, our buyers will not only be able to modify their order, but we will also earn a few extra cash on the way.

For example, if we get hired to design a logo, we can customize extra features for the buyer to purchase. Perhaps they are willing to pay extra for multiple versions. Or maybe they want to add business card design to their order. Either way, upselling different product options will provide our buyer with endless possibilities while earning us more money on Fiverr.

4. Work for a 5-Star Rating:

To preserve an excellent reputation within the Fiverr community, feedback and reviews play an imperative role because it upsurges our perceptibility in the search engine. There are many ways to get a 5-star rating such as availability and friendly communication etc.

5. Gig Description:

The probability of getting the first order depends on the gig description because if the gig description does not have the quality of a good sales copy, we will not be able to sell it. Do not forget about our work stats, bullet points of our offer and the mentioning of the value that we can propose the most important fundamentals of a good gig description to our customers. 

6. Importance of Keywords: 

We must have to keep in mind the gig titles, search tags, and descriptions need to be permeated with proper focus keywords. Most of the people don’t know the difference between a slogan and a tagline but professionals know this very well.

Luck does not matter here, we must try to know the psyche of the buyers because in this way we will be able to know how buyers think of a service, what are the terms and jargons for that service and how to use long-tail keywords as well.

7. Use SEO-Search Engine Optimization: 

With thousands of gigs moving around the web, we’ll need to twist ours for it to be observed. One of the major tricks to enlightening the quality of our gig is to use Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

8. Use Buyer Request:

Buyer requests are one of the best way you can get more gigs. Buyers posts their requirements on Fiverr and sellers can give their offer according to the job description. If you can write short intro about your past work and show why he should select you to do this work, then you can get the work easily. 

9. Become a Virtual Associate:

Depending on the country we live in, we can probably make a decent living selling an hour or two of our time doing virtual assistant work for clients we find on Fiverr.

10. Write a review:

If someone has the ability of fast and quick writing and can knock out a 400-word review in less than 12 minutes, this can be a great chance for him to offer a great gig because people are always in need of reviews since customers often purchase services after reading a review.

11. Performing unique and new gigs on Fiverr:

Another way to maintain a good monthly income from Fiverr is by offering unique services and also those tasks which are not taken by regular workers. For example, if we see the request for such an article or task, we can offer our services and, in this way, we can be at a higher rate.

12. Level up as a Seller:

Within the Fiverr base, sellers have an option to work up to different levels. Each level comes with numerous high-class benefits to help us increase sales on Fiverr.

If we want to upsurge our level with Fiverr, we have to complete as many tasks to sustain a 5-star rating, a positive response rate, and a reliable delivery time.

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