What is Facebook Instant Articles? Best way to Earn Money from Facebook 2020


What is Facebook Instant Articles?

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Instant Article is an instrument that is intended for media originators to allocate fast and cooperative articles for their book lovers within the Facebook mobile app and Messenger. By using the same platform, we can load instant articles, photos, and videos. Through this platform, we can load up to ten times faster than an ordinary mobile web article. There are two forms of ads in Instant Articles:

• Publicists on Facebook can choose an instant article for both new and current crusades.
• Producers can include their direct-sold crusades.

Instant Articles were made to resolve a specific problem or slow loading times on the mobile web. The Facebook-native issuing platform contains a whole host of collaborating features that help stories come to life on mobile, with auto-play video and tap-to-zoom image galleries.

How to get Instant Articles?

There are some steps to get instant articles and they are given below:

1. Sign up:

The first thing we need to do to get up and running is to sign up to join the program. we can do this at instantarticles.fb.com. 

One thing must be kept in mind that to start publishing, we must have an existing Facebook Page and have the Admin part of the Page.

2. Select our Facebook Page:

After signing up we’ll be certain the opportunity to select which Page we would like to trigger articles for.

3. Claim for URL:

Once we have chosen our Facebook Page, we will be requested to deliver a URL we propose to use for articles. This URL will help as the source for the URLs of all our posts.
For example, ruffer.com/library

To claim for our URL, we require to need a meta tag to our HTML tag and then add the URL to the settings. 

Note: All the required information we need to do this can be found in the Instant Articles Settings.

4. Produce articles:

During testing, Facebook exposed that publishers need a single tool to publish articles to the web, mobile apps, or any other places book lovers see their content. As such, articles can be available directly from the Content Management System, there is no need to reproduce articles on Facebook.

we can sync our blog with Instant Articles via Facebook’s publishing tools, an RSS feed and by using an API. Here’s a quick rundown of the options offered:

5.    Linking with WordPress:

If we practice WordPress to power our blog, Facebook has formed a plugin to streamline the procedure of producing Instant Articles. This is likely to be the fastest and easiest mode to get set up with Instant Articles.

6. Publishing tools:

Along with the WordPress plugin, Facebook has teamed up with many publishing or printing podiums to generate unified integration with Instant Articles. Publishing Tools contains integrations with:

• Drupal
• Atavist
• Medium
• Perk Distributed
• RebelMouse
• ShareThis
• Sovrn
• Steller
• Tempest

7. Customize style:

Facebook gives us the choice to modify the styling of our articles throughout setup. Here we can upload a logo and select which fonts are used throughout the articles. Font selections are currently inadequate to the Helvetica Neue and Georgia font families.

8. Submit for Assessment:

After we have accomplished the above phases, we can submit our feed to be reviewed by Facebook to verify that all articles produced from our website are appropriately structured. Facebook currently purposes to analysis all proposals with 24-48 hours.

How to Make Money with Facebook Instant Articles?

People don’t know much about Facebook Instant Articles and these could potentially be an alternative cause of online income. To initiate publishing on this Facebook platform, we should have an existing FB page with a supervision role status.

There are some ways through which we can make money with Facebook Instant Articles:

1. Get paid:

Facebook Audience Network refers to payment via direct deposit or PayPal every month. To set-up, our choice of payment method, go to:

·        Publishing Tools
·        Instant Articles Configuration
·        Dashboard
·        Audience Network 
·        Payout

Then click the ‘create or select the payout button and fill in the tax form.

2. Insert Ad Placement:

Go to the Dashboard and click:

• Placements
• Get Code
• Banners 

Save it and find our “Placement ID,” copy it and go to the Instant Articles advanced settings, where we will paste the Placement ID onto your “Audience Network Placement ID.” Wait for our application to get accepted.

Join Facebook Audiences Network:

To monetize our Instant Articles, we have to sign up for the Facebook Audience Network. This is Facebook’s CPM platform, which pays its publishers an eCPM (effective cost per mille) rate based on the volume of traffic articles get and countries where traffic comes from.

The cool thing about Facebook’s Audience Network is that we don’t have to devote hours testing ad placements and clickthrough rates since we’ll make money just with the traffic our articles bring. Plus, it can work along with AdSense perfectly, if you format your articles with an AdSense banner.

Become a Facebook Developer:

Sign up for a Facebook Developer account to have our App ID. After we have effectively registered, check out the “App Secret” information on the dashboard and click the “show button.” 

Go to: 
• Settings
• Basic
• Select Website

When the pop up to “add platform” shows up. Enter the URL and save the changes we have made.

Register for Facebook Instant Articles

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