What is SEO? Important Things You Must Know About SEO 2020


What is SEO?

what is SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is basically is a process, strategy, technique, tactics and methodology that is used to enhance the quality and quantity of traffic or number of visitors that are coming to your website. It is usually done by improving your ranking in different algorithmic searches that different search engines use to display the matched websites. 

A research has proved that the websites that are displayed on the first page of a search are certainly clicked 95% and those results or websites that are shown on the top of that search page get even more traffics and clicks through rate (known as CTR). The ranking of a webpage is based on the Google algorithm. SEO is a technique about using “white hats” ways that webpage owners and website content providers use to achieve better position in search engine results.

SEO, when explained briefly, can be summed up into three points:

Improving Quality of Traffic:

You can attract anyone from around the world to your website, but if someone is coming to your website because Google is telling them that you are a seller of Apple Phones, but in reality, you are just a farmer who’s selling apples, then you are not targeting quality traffic. You are supposed to attract the kind of traffic that is genuinely interested in buying what you are selling.

Improving Quantity of Traffic:

Once you have started targeting the right kind of traffic to your page through the search engine result pages, it is even better for you to have more of that kind of traffic now.

Displaying Organic Results:

There are innumerable kinds of ads that are a significant part of multiple search engine result pages (that you have to pay for) – Organic results originate organic traffic for your page that you do not have to pay for.
Organic search traffic is more specifically the unpaid traffic of visitors that comes to your website without you having to pay for it.

How does SEO Works?

what is seo?

Complex algorithms help return best matched results to you when you search something on a search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bingo). These algorithms are called Search Engine Ranking Factors. These factors consider some special factors and decide about which web page needs to be shown on the first place, and which one on the second place.

To check authenticity and genuineness of a page, Google uses an algorithm called “Page Rank” (which is an algorithm based on hyperlink) – Moreover, Google uses “Link Building” that boost the quality and number of “inbound links” related to a website.

Therefore, SEO makes sure that a website is technically sound, uses words and tags that people mostly use in their searches and is timely accessible to people. Moreover, it provides high quality content, is user friendly and has relatable content available which answers a user’s problem or query.

Why SEO is Important?

Today’s internet market is a very competitive place. If you want to survive and excel in whatever you are selling on the internet, you need to know the importance of SEO. SEO is important because it makes your website prominent and visible to a great amount of people. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bingo etc. help innumerable people who are looking for answers of their queries or problems.

If you are an online seller selling something on your online store, SEO can help you grow your business and meet your desired goals in very less time span (only if you truly know how SEO really works).
SEO can be done through many ways – There are multiple techniques that can help you enhance the SEO of your website. It could be done through OFF PAGE SEO, ON PAGE SEO or TECHNICAL SEO.

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